Professional experience

Tour my professional background and have a peek at my certification, teaching experience, education, awards, and job experience.

Leadership & Committees

To be truly part of a community meant to be generously involved in that community. Read more about my experience and impact as a leader and working on committees.

Presentating & publications

Sharing my ideas and work, through leading professional development, blogging and social media, has served as a means to reflect and to connect.

Learning & Development

Education is a journey, with a never ending destination. We need to evolve in order to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of education by staying connected locally and globally.

See My Work in action

Here are examples of my work through video, lesson plans, and student samples.

Family & Personal

“Turns out not where but who your with that really matters.” -Dave Matthews Like most things in life, these experiences are better when shared. Here are the people I share my experiences with…